Biscount Version 10 

Please read the following before installing for the first time!

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To install Version 10 - download and install the "Install file" below.

You also need the latest Update file (on the previous page.)

Biscount Version 10 Install File  (RUN ON ALL COMPUTERS, WHEN INSTALLING)

Download Runtime Files for Biscount (Not normally needed!)


    Biscount is written in Version 6 of Microsoft Visual Basic, the worlds most popular programming language.  This adds greater functionality, speed and reliability to Biscount.



Biscount Version 10 runs in Windows XP, 2000, 7, 8 and 10.  (We do not recommend 98/95. ME or Vista!)

You need to install 2 files.

Don't delete the downloaded files until you have installed Biscount and it is up and running on all your computers.  

Contact Biscount Software for the passwords to install Biscount Version 10.

    1. Download the first file and save it to your computer hard drive. 

    2. Install the first file on ALL computers (This may require rebooting the computer after installing on some computers)

    3. Download the update file and save it to your computer's hard drive. 

    4. Install the latest update file.  Right-click the Biscount icon to run Biscount as Administrator (This is only required the first time!.

    5. Contact Biscount for a Code to remove the Trial Mode or you can purchase the code online using your Credit Card or PayPal

Note:  All downloads have passwords, please contact Biscount Software.