Xerox P8ex Refill Guide

This is a step-by-step guide to help you to refill your toner cartridge.


1 Turn off power.

2 Open printer where cartridge goes in.

3 Remove cartridge.


4 Look at it and go HMMM!!

5 Put down newspaper or do it in a workshop where it won’t get covered in grease or oil.


6 Undo two screws on top of cartridge.


7 Open these three clips using a knife.

8 Turn up side down and remove bottom of Cartridge. (which is now on the top)


9 Now you have two bits Note do not touch or wipe the drum with anything and keep it out of bright light.

10 Shake bottle of toner and Open then poor into BIG opening on the top half of cartridge carefully where indicated by RED arrows.

11 Pickup bottom and clip back on to top, make sure the three clips on the back of cartridge engage properly before clipping the front.

12 Replace screws.

13 Wipe off excess toner and replace cartridge into printer.

14 Turn power back on.

15 Try and print something and see what you get, if you get smudging on the page do a few and it should come good (best of luck).


If it does not come good and you keep getting lines on the page, then the drum is most likely DAMAGED and needs to be replaced. (But we have one here we have filled about 6 times still going strong!) 

So you can buy a NEW cartridge, or a drum as it is about $50 for thethe drum, see links below.


We have been told by a printer repairer,  that if you get lines going up and down the page it is the toner wiper blade or if you get lines going across the page it is the drum and both of these parts can be replaced.


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