These are some very useful programs that we use and recommend:-

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All of these programs have free trial periods - Some require a Registration fee after that, but they are all well worth the registration fee - try them and then, if you don't find them useful and great time savers, you can uninstall them. 

These are a programme that remembers your Name Details and passwords for on-line forms, a great search engine to find things on the web, a programme that finds all the "spy" programs in your computer, a programme to filter out all the junk emails you receive and a programme to make free phone calls and calls to ordinary phones at reduced prices.

Total Commander

This is a now included in the Biscount installation and it is a very good and powerful text based Windows shell - it's similar to XTree Gold but updated for windows.


AI RoboForm is a password manager and one-click web form filler with some serious Artificial Intelligence inside. What it can do:
Save your password info from login forms.
Auto fill your password info to login forms.
Automatic login to online accounts.
Fill long online forms from Identities with your Name and Address.
Click here to download Roboform

MailWasher Pro

MailWasher Pro is your answer to getting rid of spam, viruses and unwanted e-mail. It's effective and easy to use, you'll find it becomes one of the most useful programs on your computer.

Click here to download MailWasher Pro


Skype is free and is easy to download and install!

Click here to download Skype