Improving the speed of Biscount.

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 The performance of Biscount depends on many things only one of which is Biscount.  These notes will assist you to maximise Biscount's performance.


The Network is a major factor in overall system stability and speed.  Good network speeds reduce searching and printing delays, as these tend to be the most demanding tasks on a network. 

When using a CAT5 network, network cards run at 2 speeds - 10Mbits/sec or 100Mbits/sec.  Newer cards also run at Gigabit speed (1000Mbits/sec).  You should check that your network is running at Gigabit speed as this really is worth a little effort to check and upgrade any machines that are not already at Gigabit speed (Don't forget that your network switch may also need upgrading)  Gigabit Network cards have greatly reduced in price and improved in performance so there is no excuse not to upgrade the network.  NOTE The cables MUST be CAT5E or CAT6 for Gigabit speed!

Other Programmes

Some programmes run automatically when the computer starts.  Ensure that any programmes that are not essential are removed from the Windows Start-up folder.  All programmes take operating time when they are running.

Running maintenance programmes regularly improves system performance.  

General Hints for performance


Check your Printers folder in the 'My Computer' icon, delete all of the printers in the Printer Folder that you don't use, including extra copies of printers that you do use.  Check your printer settings in Biscount after doing this!  

Check the Add/Remove Programmes in the Windows Control Panel for installed Printer software that is not used, also any extra copies and Uninstall them.

Imaging programmes

Programmes like PartSmart, PowerCom's PowerView, Fiche Finder, etc deal with images that are very large.  Here are a few simple rules which will increase performance with imaging programmes:

These hints indicate some of the many factors that affect a programme's performance whilst running in Microsoft Windows.  Further assistance can be provided by Biscount Software (Windows issues incur a fee).


We hope that these hints help you improve the performance of your system. 

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