C4 Label Setup

Once you have your New printer out of the box and installed, go into printers then  right click on EasyCoder C4 then properties and go to Regional Setting and leave Language as system default, then make sure the Measurements are set to Millimeters (as it is a metric world we live in).

NOTE: The numbers in these pictures are for 75mmx25mm labels only, as with different size labels the settings will change.

 Now go to Page Setup and click on the New button.

Which will bring you to a new screen Edit Label Stock. In the Name box type something like  75x25 (size of label), then in the Width box put in 75.0mm and in the Height box put 25.0mm, leave the other settings as is and choose OK.

(The exposed liner width is the blank space on either side of the label)

Now choose the Stock tab.

In stock make sure the Direct Thermal is un-ticked and the Type is Labels with gaps, now set the Gap Height to 5.5mm, leave Offset at 0.0mm and the Horizontal Position is where it will start to print from, now Make sure the Top of Form Back is ticked. (If you have problem with gap height, measure the size of the labels and gap height and set it up accordingly as this is what I do and I believe its what a ruler is for)

Choose Apply then OK

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