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    This page lists important fixes, changes to existing functions and new features (not ALL changes are mentioned).

    The reason we have frequent updates is that manufacturers keep changing thngs so we have to change to give you the best and easiest program to use also we attempt to fix problems as soon as they are reported, most customers have no problems but we try and fix all problems reported. We also add new features to improve Biscount.

10.3057 Fix PDF layout issue for Briggs (inc Cust orders from _ACC suffix). Shorten over length descriptions in Masterfiles .  Changes to order and shipped quantities for Honda PDF Invoices now supported.  Add internal self checking mechanism to stop 'shell' workshop repairs left after collection and cross ups on networks/servers when under load. Fix mismatch of email address field in Husqvarna warranty file upload. Auto hourly backups not including Common files: corrected.   Added support for Triumph OPEA order uploads.  Add functionality to support entry of CCV values on screen for PC-EFTPOS on some pin pads. Invoice recall not recalling under specific conditions.  License issue for > 21 users corrected. Found and fixed latent issue when converting quotes/sales with a discount on multi-quantity lines: also corrects display of low profit warning when was not low profit.

10.3056 Change PDF Import for Honda, fixed repair locking after collection and quote conversion issue.  Also, improve file handling in Workshop

10.3055 Fixed start up issue with networked workstations.  

10.3054 Fixed apparent hanging issue (Biscount was busy) on some PC's, recalls slow in searches - fixed, To-do list sleep fixed when smpet for > 1 day and other small points, Hidden fixed price kits not recording stock movements, Removed requirement for password for Slow Clean, Reverse selling an item in Add/parts not comparing upon exit properly in some scenarios, Masport PDF import not importing headers for new PDF layouts, Cleaned up multi part Cust order notice via SMS, Briggs PDF invoices and bar-codes now support part numbers with suffix _AAC, Conversion of quotes with misc errors trapped and fixed, SAles quote conversions process simplified, more robust code to recover on busy networks when updating/collecting
repairs so duplicate not left in Repair List, more robust recovery for network drop outs/high latency networks, prevent error in excel Masterfile install when data not in column that's supposed to exist.

10.3053 SMS provider changed server without notice, apologies for inconvenience, this update fixes.  Stihl and Atom PDF layout changes fixed, Order Auto backup shortened to back up acgive orders within last 30 days, Improved parts and labour tracking internally in workshop, converting quotes in sales has been strengthened and simplified. Briggs PDF invoices altered (fixed), workshop negative deposits recitifed recording of receipts (was writing twice in 1 area), Link PDF invoies addressed again - Supplier has 2 formats -  Whites PDF invoices altered, Honda Sales Regos export routine updated to filter out email addresses with N/A and NA to no@email.com for older registrations.

10.3049 (10.3048 not released) Attempt to correct Start of Month issue when files in open state, fix negative deposits in workshop, fix invalid bank response code in PC-EFTPOS interface, update HUsqvarna Order links, improve error traps when Biscount set to non-exitent printer, fix edited quotes where GST val can be wrong, No Print option added to Supplier order send, End of Day report options made more flexible. Adjusted for PDF layout changes for Stihl and Honda.

10.3047 Fixed PDF import for two different invoice layouts for Link International, added support for Masport PDF change in layout, fixed multiple units (with warranty disclaimer) sold to an Allocated Sales,  improved error trapping in masterfile for parts with costs at >= $1m, fixed multiple warranty submissions via equiipment list carrying name over from one to another.

10.3045 Fixed Retail Price rounding issue (see 'What's New' for a fix), quote Conv issue, Multi-level pricing and Retail Price Change functions, Customer Sales Analysis detailed reports, SMS where mobile includes a name now trims, Allocated Workshop (in testing) print out fixed to normal print out.

10.3046 Includes Stihl's latest changes for warranty registration

10.3044 Fixes problem with LayBys - new Honda Order in SND format - fixed close problem - fixed workstation backup issues

10.3042 Honda changed the Invoice layout so this is another update to fix that.

10.3041 Improved Stocktake Lists - Fix for Numbers missing in printed OrderBarcode index

10.3038 New Honda API & PDFs - Yamaha PDFs 

10.3036 Orders not having numbers error - Stihl Invoices importing "Consisting Items" as stock. 

10.3035 Improved speed - New Sales for allocating stock function - Transfer Sales sell MyNumber as Original number - Improved sheet label printing - Improved Printing

10.3027 Repair Index Error

10.3026 Improved Repairs Indexing

10.3025 Printing Errors We have made over 2000 changes that we hope will reduce the number of printing errors - Stihl PDF invoices some more fixes Allpower PDF

10.3014 Fix for editing error in orders - another form of Alpower PDF and John Deere PDF invoices

10.3013 Fix for overflow error in sale

10.3012 Fixes Order Input screen problem pricing error

10.3011 Fixes Stihl's latest PDF Invoices so they will import correctly with the Serial Numbers! - Kawasaki's latest PDF invoices are also supported = quote conversion error - job PO numbers not showing 

10.3009 Stihl Warranties finally working: call Biscount (03 9570 1777) for a code to upload any old warranty regos not yet uploaded. Also fixes label printing issue at end of Stock Receivals, Stihl Serial number issue (PDF Layout change yet again), strange order issue from 10.3008 and some small display changes.

10.3006  Well The Stihl Warranty saga continues - latest is that Stihl will be releasing a Hot FixPak next week - please install this update 

10.3005 There are a number of improvements as we are constantly trying to fix every error that is reported.  That is why you should install updates even if you think you do not  need too!

A comment on the Stihl Warranty problem.

The uploads were working on Friday, then with no changes to Biscount they were broken on Monday.  

There is a new drop down short-cut to export your warranties!

10.3006 Well Our advice is do not try to upload Stihl Warranty registrations until Stihl Germany have finished testing!  If you have a Unit that has failed and needs warranty work then we regret that you should go online and manually register the warranty and then submit the claim.  We will keep you informed as the situation develops.  (This update also contains a few other fixes things and some new PDF imports!)

10.3003 Yes 3004! We thought the Stihl Warranty upload wass fixed after many late nights between Christmas and New Year, also the tools to export any old Stihl Warranty Registrations you may have are included - a number of improved traps to make the program run smoother.  Best wishes for the New Year to you all.  (And sorry for the delays!)

10.2862 Stihl, John Deere, AHW PDF Invoice import improved - ARB Price file Input added -  Fonts and Major Units fixed - Notes Up or Down Option - Credit Card Surcharge - Better colse that works - faster sort - Job logon auto logoff.

10.2858 Replaced the Arial font in PDF Invoices with Tahoma to overcome the Adobe problem - a few final improvements to both Honda and Stihl's new Interfaces 

10.2854 Much faster return from most things in repairs! - New Link PDF import - New Stihl Price file support - Latest Stihl Warranty upload - Alternate Number fixed - a number of fixes for quotes and repairs

10.2851 Stihl Warranty error fixed

10.2849 Fixed Sale of 2 major products in a discount sale - "Enter" instead of "Esc" to choose an Alternate Number to sell

10.2848 Faster Current Repair List loading - Still better Stihl PDFs  - Warranty submitted flag but must clean Repair Display to work.

10.2847 Just better Serial Number import for Stihl PDF invoices.
10.2846 Fixes for Stihl invoices and better minimum orders
10.2845 Modified the "Below minimum order" function
10.2844 Stihl PSF invoices fixed - 
10.2843 Final Stihl Warranty upload code - fix for invoices missing on Acccounts
10.2841 New Stihl Ordering and Warranty Registration - a nuumber of improved traps for errors - Cancel working better for Printing errors.
10.2839  New Stihl Invoices, Orders and Warranty Registration - Fixes a number of reported errors
10.2837  Fixes Error saving Repair Comments & Printing Graphic Dockets
10.2835 Bursons PDF Invoices - Repair Discount Print  - Fixes - Receival not printing ruonding errors
10.2833 Fix for End of Day Error - fix for order with zero cost Lots of good fixes for PDFs etc
10.2831 A number of PDF imports improved - Honda APIs all finalised - a number of other improvements
10.2828 Ficeda latest PDF Invoice Formats added - Honda API Order fixed
10.2826 EPG added for PDF import - Add Discount later to Sale - Honda Export improved - Insert Line improved -  Multi-Labels fixed - Bossweb fixed - 
10.2825 More PDF imports fixed -  Screens Locked - Multi Labels = Improved Order Form - Text Search
10.2824 Tested Automatic Honda Workshop Reporting (Check your email)
10.2821 Stihl fix and Honda Workshop
10.2819 Date Display fixed - trap for busy busy
10.2816 Honda Ordering works (at last!)
10.2815 A few small improvements to the API Honda Ordering
10.278 Minor fixes - Jakmax PDF -  Order lock password - 
10.274 New Yamaha PDF format Invoices - Blank vendor box - New Honda Parts and Orders Export - Not saving VIN in Receiving Report
10.269 Fixes more Gripske Invoices -and Stihl Invoices too - sundry stock errors fixed
10.267 Another fix for Gripske Invoices!
10.266 Another Stihl Invoice fix - Dates fixed - Calendar not working
10.257  Lots of good things - New Gripske PDF format Invoices - sales screens won't stick - job screens won't hide - improved EOM - and a number of smaller thiings
10.255 A number of improved PDF imports
10.251 Faster Name searches - order searches - Serials on Item Sales Report 
10.247 Improved printer return to default, please notify us of anywhere we have missed - stopped locked orders deleteing - added freight for Yamaha Invoices.
10.246 Added PDF import for Yamaha's new format invoices.
10.245 Bad Record Length error fixed
10.244 A fix for order number problems
10.235 Improved Printer selection, Programme closing, Sales closing, Order functions including 
10.234 New function to reset the quantities on order in the Stock Records - new function to insert a line in Sales and Quotes - Order Number checker
10.232 Edit comments in a Sale - a few small things
10.229 Error in Order Numbers fixed - Error in display of edited order items, OK to send just a display problem.
10.225 Emergency Orders by selecting from a Standard Daily Order  - Detailed Customer Sales Analysis fixed
10.218 We have added an "Always email an Invoice" function in each Name Record - a few little surprises
10.217 Another for stock orders
10.216 Another Stihl PDF Invoice import fixed again :(
10.214 New Stihl PDF Invoice import fixed 
10.212 Stihl SSC Parts Catalogue Interface completed, there is nothing you have to do to make it work just install the Stihl EPC and update it with its latest update.
10.208 Honda Warranty registrations fixed, please contact us if you have any that have gone missing - 
10.207 Improved Stihl interface so non-Stihl dealers will not get error
10.198 Maps are displayed for delivery Address if the Delivery tab is open on the Name Edit screen.
10.197 Improved Error trapping for Printing errors
10.195 Fix for Detailed History missing
10.194 A few small fixes and improved Dymo Shelf labels!
10.191 DYMO Problems fixed (we hope!) - Zebra printers added (contact Biscount for details)
10.185 Workshop errors fixed - Allpower PDF import fixed - and a few others
10.173 Suzuki Supersessions available call Biscount - Yamaha and Powerup PDFs fixed - Separate Receipts and Cash Sales Lists

10.171  a new function to send reminder SMSes for repairs that have not been collected - Yamaha PDF import improved - operator passwords removed from mechanics lists

10.166 Pricefile input errors fix 

10.164 Stihl Stock Orders function added - KTM Orders changed

10.149 MTD latest format PDF invoices - fixes for multi-workshops - MyNumber fix in Receivals

10.148 Please always clean files on the server after installing an update!!

10.146 New PDF formats MTD, JakMAX, Atom -  Edit Notes in Repair history - Serial Number in Repair Lists - Comments on Single Emailed Statements - Split numbers will order original number 

10.143 Order Button in Stock Display - 

10.142 Merging Orders fixed - Part deleteing fixed

10.139 McLeod PDF import added - Suzuki txt price files added -  Fix for KPIs when start date not found.

10.138 Improved Email Log List - Midas Interface fix - Cannot save Tax Rate change = Parklands PDF import error - Biscount PDF import fixed if no Descriptions - Transfer Sales improved

10.136 Fix for Blank Dymo Labels - Printing long Repairs - Job missing in Current List

10.135  New Midas interface - Fix for Allpower Warranty upload error.

10.132  Search Function added to TO-Dos - Improved Mechanic's allocation- MyNumbers not getting price updated in price change - New Password to over-ride Repair Collection with open Orders  

10.131 Allocate Mechanics Enabled in Workshop - Add Order Number to Closed Repair

10.126 Improved and even more little improvements!

10.111 Lots of little fixes & Please read the What's New help.

10.108 This update fixes all problems that we have been notified about - also if you ever get an error screen please try the "Retry" button as this will fix the error automatically in many cases.

10.104 Fixes - cannot recall Repairs in some places - error changing tabs in Job Display

10.103 Yes it's version 10 at last!  Please read the "What's New" help screen in Biscount for more information about the changes.

Note that you can run in "Trial" mode for 30 days and do not have to register it until the trial expires - online registration is $30 per computer (once only) , however it is $35 if you choose to register by phoning Biscount - the Registration will increase to $50 at the end of February.

We hope you like the new features and look - please let us know if you find anything that is not perfect also anything you would like added or changed!


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