Updating Biscount from the Web.

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A guide to downloading and installing an update.


    The simplest method of downloading and updating is to use the buttons in Biscount's Utilities Menu - choose the Biscount Update then Updates then Check for Internet Update.  There is also an Update Check in the Files drop-down menu.

Biscount will then connect to the Web and tell you if there is a newer update, and will then offer to download the Update.

Installing the Update

    After you install a new version of Biscount, you should run the function 'Clean Files' in the Utilities Menu before use.  (On a network, this is only required on the server.)

1. Always install the update on the Server computer first and ensure Biscount is not running anywhere on the network while doing this. Note: Not running means not loaded and DOES NOT mean not being used.

2. On the server Choose "Utilities" > "Biscount Updates" > "Updates" > "Install from Server"  or there is also an Install Update in the Files drop-down menu.

Clients with only 1 computer have completed the update.  

If you have a network do the following on each Workstation to install the update.

1. Close Biscount if it is running on the Workstation.

2. Re-start Biscount and you will receive a message that there is a Version Error - you then type "INSTALL" in the box and press <Enter>.

    When an update is downloaded, you must install the update in every computer on your network. When each computer has the update installed, the process is finished.

If the automatic update download doesn't work follow these steps

Manually Downloading and Installing.

1. At the Biscount Web Site you will see a button marked 'click for Downloads and Installation V10.???.

2. On this page you will find a Text link and a Button click on one.

3. Now chose the Download you require and click on it.

4. A new window displays "Open the file' or to 'Save to Disk'; select the 'Save to disk'.

5. Another window asks where to save the file (called B10U???.EXE). At the top of the Save window is a field called 'Save In'.  You should save the Update in the Biscwind folder on the Server Computer. Now click on the 'Save' button at the bottom right of the window to confirm the location. The file will begin downloading.

6. The speed at which the file downloads depends on the speed of your modem,  your Internet Service Provider and the general speed of the Internet.

7. Once the download has completed, close your web browser. The next step is to install as described above.