Biscount Version 10.3056

Not Different just Better

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This is a new version -  thank you to those operators who assist in testing new versions!

THERE IS NO BETA VERSION! (finished testing)


IMPORTANT!  If you are not sure about how to handle possible problems, then don't download this Version. (This is the Pre-release of the next version )

We have added this download page to allow more testing of new versions of Biscount before general release.

Once a Version has been tested, it will be put on the Main Download page and linked to the "Internet Update" button in Biscount.  This will not mean that there are no bugs in main releases, but it should help to catch more of them.

This is the latest Version of Biscount, it has been tested but it may contain bugs.  If you would like to try this version, download and install it as usual.  If you find any problems, please notify Biscount immediately.

New beta versions will display on the download link at the top of the main screen

 Download for Biscount Version 10 (FAST Australian Site)


Notes & New Features

Bug Fixes